About us

Since we founded our company in 2012, our goal has been to make a valuable contribution in the development and production of mobile energy storage systems. From our point of view, the state of the art offers a variety of possibilities. 

The existing variants of the classic lithium-ion batteries have their qualities and have their firm place in various fields of application. From the very beginning, we have been particularly impressed by the lithium iron phosphate technology in terms of longevity and robustness, which represents a profitable and safe alternative, especially in the logistics sector. 

For this reason, Deutsche Post has been equipping its e-bike fleet with our self-developed LiFePO4 batteries for more than 8 years, which are in continuous use over 40,000 times.

Every success is an incentive for us to approach the next project with new energy and to think one step further. We act flexibly and always solution-oriented in order to fulfill the wishes of our national and international customers quickly and professionally. 

The familial and efficient teamwork within our company creates a working atmosphere from which everyone involved benefits enormously. The expertise and resourcefulness of our highly qualified employees form the solid foundation of AES Akku Energie Systeme GmbH and noticeably increase the added value of our products and services.


Lars Hillermann

Dipl.  Engineer

A down-to-earth Hamburg businessman – from skilled worker/master craftsman to business economist to information and electrical engineer. He applies his know-how to the development of economically and technically efficient products.


Matthias Behlke


As an experienced tester for electronic systems in aviation, he has a keen eye for detail. He is committed to projects, quality and sales. His motto: “We don’t have problems. We have solutions”.


Alexander Beeker

M.Sc. Engineer
Head of development  

Whether as a developer, programmer or in the field: Our man for innovative in-house software solutions, IoT and measurement technology. He loves intuitive, harmonious work in the team. A tinkerer and doer – helpful and unerring. His motto: “Don’t get bored”.


Jürgen Schaper

Dipl.  Engineer
Development  Validation

Due to his immense depth of knowledge, Mr. Schaper is the man in charge of validation and quality assurance in our development department. Due to his immense depth of knowledge, Mr. Schaper is the man in charge of validation and quality assurance in our development department. Meticulousness and foresight have the highest priority in his work.


Sean Schulz

M.Sc. Engineer

In the development team, Mr. Schulz is the contact person for mobile energy storage and the optimal storage of solar energy.  With enthusiasm and a great sense of humor, the development engineer works through new issues in his field and proactively contributes them to the AES team.  In case things get really stressful, the self-proclaimed “feel good manager” Mr. Schulz always has an entertaining remark on his lips, because work is supposed to be fun, too


Dennis Nehring


Meticulous, structured and patient, Mr. Nehring supports the AES development team with processing all relevant data and facts around the AES product range. 

Frequently, the helpful team player exchanges PC for workbench and optimizes customer vehicles or own developments. Not without having a look in the kitchen – there might be some cake or ice cream “to be disposed of”. 


Richard Bronkhorst

Head of Product Management

Technically very well-versed, the trained bicycle mechanic has been in the bicycle industry for 42 years. Selling is his passion. Quote Mr. Bronkhorst: “Quality is when the customer comes back – and not the goods”.


David Maurer

Head of commercial department

Masters the constant balancing act between planning, goal setting and customer service with his calm, level-headed manner.


Robert Mellinghoff

Head of Sales

Bicycle crazy, eloquent and always open to new things. Our enthusiastic and experienced sales manager sees sales first and foremost as comprehensive consulting. In an in-depth dialog with our clients, he creates individual optimal solutions. Quote Mr. Mellinghoff: “When the sales department works well, customer relationships become real, trusting partnerships”.


Stefanie Köke

Accounting, Human Resources

She loves playing with numbers. Careful, helpful and up for any kind of fun, she appreciates her varied job. Her credo: “If I don’t know something, I learn”.


Alexander Ruhnke


Our man for market analyses and supplier selection. His credo: “The money is earned in purchasing”.


Hannah Welsch

Marketing, Business Development North America

Structured, committed and with a lot of passion, she designs the multi-faceted external appearance of the company. With her broad range of experience, she brings color to the otherwise factual B2B subject matter. Quote Ms. Welsch: “The motivation in the team inspires my creativity”.