AES Fleetmanagement

Innovative. Efficient. Live.

Our cloud-based IoT platform provides you with live and information about the condition and location of your batteries.

If defects are detected or for anti-theft purposes, they can be switched off automatically. Continuous analysis of the transmitted battery data is  carried out via the mobile communications network. In this way we optimize efficiency, safety and service oriented maintenance. 

Health Status

  • state of charge
  • charge capacity
  • remaining life
  • Number of charging cycles
  • Condition of Lithium cells
  • Accident prevention
  • Creation of statistics

Theft protection

  • activity radius define yourself
  • simply switch off battery (optional)
  • Locate the battery
  • GPS replay function

Track and Trace

  • Via IoT tracking
  • Planning of delivery routes

Cost optimization

  • Planning reliability through predictive maintenance
  • No purchase ofreserve batteries necessary
  • Maximum service life

Use the AES fleet management system to manage your your eBike / Pedelec fleet and integrate it into your company programs via API interface, or use the AES fleet management as shown. According to your needs we create with you an user interface that not only makes your work easier but also lowers your administrative costs. 

With the help of the AES Fleet Management you can manage your fleet digitally without the need for an external server as all technical data is directly stored in the aws cloud and managed from there. This is a security factor that is  second to none.

In our cloud system, the received information is processed and stored in a database. This offers you an overview of all your batteries and you can quickly and easily view the status and usage history of all batteries and evaluate them statistically.

The GPS data of the battery pack are also processed and thus enable the battery pack to be tracked via a map. Route planning and geofencing are parameters implemented via the cloud connection and used for their their benefi t are used. Furthermore, it is also possible to history can be checked by means of the GPS track replay function, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.


  • Determination of the state of charge (SOC) and the state of health (SOH) of the battery
  • Recording of usage statistics
  • Exchange of data via the Molbil radio network
  • Data security guaranteed by latest cloud server technology
  • Transmission of GPS data for tracking the battery
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Over-the -air (OTA) supported error detection