AES eBike Battery Carrier

36 V

Sustainable. Compact. Full of energy.

The handy energy supplier for more riding fun in a flat, modern design. Our innovative new development is the first and only LiFePO4 luggage carrier battery currently available on the market. The battery is securely installed under the luggage carrier with the associated docking station, which is available in 2 equipment variants.

Key Features:

  • Robust and safe (no thermal runaway).
  • Extremely reliable
  • Long life, proven to last at least 2,500 charge cycles (equivalent to about 8 years of daily use)
  • Cold resistant
  • The corresponding docking station is available in 2 versions:
    – Docking station easy, which allows easy, secure installation of the battery on the bike and is lockable. Charging takes place externally.
    – Docking station smart, which also allows the battery to be charged directly on the bike as well as the accommodation of other structural components (e.g. motor controller).
  • With easy-to-read LCD display: e.g. the charging status is displayed in percent
  • Smart BMS: compatible with AES fleet management and CAN bus
  • Color variants can be implemented according to customer requirements

Environmentally friendly:

  • Cobalt-free  
  • Made of robust, recyclable plastic
  • Up to 4 times longer life span compared to other battery technologies
  • Reduction of your CO2 emissions

Technical features:

  • Rated voltage: 35,2 V DC
  • Capacity:
    AES eBike battery Carrier 36 V: 12 Ah
  • Energy:
    AES eBike battery Carrier 36 V: 422,5  Wh
  • Cell type: LiFePO4
  • Dimensions:
    With docking station easy:
    L x W x H: 414 mm x 155 mm x 73 mm
    With docking station smart:
    L x W x H: 485 mm x 155 mm x 73 mm
    Without docking station:
    L x W x H: 320 mm x 155 mm x 73 mm     
  • Weight:
    Without docking station: 4,3 kg
    With docking station: 5,0 kg

Product variants:

Available with AES eBike battery Carrier Dockingstation easy or AES eBike battery Carrier Dockingstation smart.