AES Power Switch box

The range booster.

Our Power Switchboxes enable the parallel,efficient use of two batteries on one load – a key requirement for the operation of e-bikes. Available for the LongLife and HighPower variants of the AES eBike battery. Enables the use with all eBike and pedelec motor systems.

Installed in the vehicle, our power switchboxes ensure that the battery performance and lifetime is optimized during operation by  parallel, even discharge of the battery. It also supports the temperature regulation of the batteries in hot and cold conditions.

Key Features:

  • Smart energy hub
  • Can be used as downstream BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Communicates the average power value of the connected batteries to the motor controller

Technical features:

  • Checking the voltages of connected batteries
  • Cyclic switching between batteries every 30 seconds
  • Mutual decoupling of the accumulators
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 1285 mm x 660 mm x 520 mm

Product variants:

AES Power Switchbox for Battery Classic LongLife 36 V
Article no. AESPS365.0XXXX

AES Power Switchbox for Battery Classic LongLife 48 V
Article no. AESPS485.0XXXX 

AES Power Switchbox 3.3 36 V
Article no. AESPS363.3XXXX

AES Power Switchbox 6.0 CAN-Bus  36 V / 48 V
Article no. AESPS366.0XXXX

AES Power Switchbox 2.0 36 V
Article no. AESPS36HI2.0XX 

AES Power Switchbox 2.0 48 V
Article no. AESPS48HI2.0XX